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Contradiction: Spot the Liar
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  Genre : Adventure  
Last update: 02/21/2023   Year : 2015  
Source: PC Savegames  Franchise : - 


123 kb
Finding The Silver Key
Poster At The Hall
Searching The Lodge
Finding Broken Pendant
Meeting Simon & Emma
Simon Contradiction 1
140 kb
James At The Lake
Finding Picture Frames
First Visiting James
Broken Pub Window
Finding The Mask
Meeting Rebecca
Rebecca Contradiction 1
Emma Contradiction 1
Emma Contradiction 2
Emma Contradiction 3
140 kb
Brat In The Woods
Finding Simon Cooking
Finding Plastic Packet
Drunk Near The Lake
James Contradiction 1
James Contradiction 2
Meeting Ryan
Ryan Contradiction 1
Ryan Contradiction 2
150 kb
Meeting Paul
Paul Contradiction 1
Finding The DVD
Watching The DVD
Jenks Is Mugged!
Paul Contradiction 2
Doll Burning Ceremony
Finding Ryan's Guitars
Emma Contradiction 4
164 kb
Finding The Torch
Finding Car Photos
Meeting Lisa
Ryan Contradiction 3
Paul Contradiction 3
Paul Contradiction 4
Paul Contradiction 5
164 kb
Finding Prescriptions
Rebecca Contradiction 2
Simon Drops Things
Simon Contradiction 2
Ryan Contradiction 4
Ryan Contradiction 5
The Mirror Room
Simon Contradiction 3
169 kb
Skewer Through Hand
Finding Cheque For Kate
Delivery At The Farm
Finding Poppy Pods
Simon Contradiction 4
Ryan Contradiction 6
174 kb
Paul Contradiction 6
Woods Ceremony
Rebecca's Big Confession
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Default folder : C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_LOGIN\AppData\Local\Contradiction\User Data\
Language : English
Difficulty level : By default
Version of the game : Retail
Third party software : Steam
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