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Breath of Fire IV
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  Genre : Role-Playing Game  
Last update: 06/02/2012   Year : 2003  
Source: Vygintas  Franchise : Breath of Fire  


A: Cliff
B: Fou-Lu's Tomb
C: Town of Sarai
D: Sandflier Valley
E: Town of Chamba
F: North Chamba
G: Ryu's Dream
H: Kurok Valley
I: Dam
J: Town of Kyria
K: Woods
L: Passageway to Synesta
M: Town of Synesta
N: Cellar
O: Bandit's Hideout
P: Sandflier Wharf
Q: Zhinga Mountains
R: Village of Kyoin
S: Imperial Causeway
T: Town of Astana
U: Astana Aqueduct
A: Kingdom of Ludia
B: Wychwood
C: Village of Worent
D: Golden Plains
E: Mt. Grom
F: Faerie Village
G: Ludia Castle
H: Dragon Shrine
I: Ahm Fen Swamp
J: Kingdom of Wyndia
K: Kasq Woods
L: Wyndia Castle Basement
M: Pung'tap
N: Ice Peak
O: Village of Chek
P: Ershin's Mind
Q: Village of Sonne
R: Ershin's Mind, Part Two
S: Sinchon
T: Mt. Yogy
U: Abandoned Village
A: Sanctum
B: Soma Forest
C: Mt. Ryft
D: Town of Shyde
E: Mt. Giga
F: Checkpoint
G: Shikk
H: Fane of the Sea God
I: Ship
J: Island of Fire
K: Village of Lyp
L: Jungle
M: Pabpab Village
N: Tidal Flats
O: Village of Koshka
P: Shan River
Q: Village of Chiqua
R: En Jhou Ruins
S: River
T: Village of Pauk
U: Fou-Lu's Tomb, Revisited
V: Mukto
W: Town of Astana, Revisited
X: Highway
Y: Imperial Headquarters
A: Imperial Capital Chedo
B: The Imperial Castle
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Default folder : C:\Program Files\Capcom\Bof4\
Language : English
Difficulty level : By default
Version of the game : Retail
Third party software : -
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